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Coolnova® solution for just-in-time supply of fresh quality food year around.

A solution for your capacity needs.



Chamber sizes: Between 5 and 1500 kg loading capacity, or specially designed according to customer requirements.

Freezing/defrosting time: 1-5 hours depending on product thickness

Increase your margins

Offer stable supply of fresh quality products 365 days a year regardless of location.

Increase the market value by redirecting products from the frozen to the fresh category, refreshed daily just-in-time for consumption

Save foods. Avoid waste and spillage

Reduce losses caused by the quality downgrading of fresh products and drip loss

Reduce costs and carbon footprint

Trade fresh frozen raw materials at the source when the prices and quality are best

Move products from airfreight to cheaper sea and land transport containers

Reduce defrosting space compared to water thawing

Reduce water footprint

Minimize the use of water