Defrost frozen foods quickly with a climate cabinet, preserving valuable nutrients and taste.

Our refreshing solutions

A smaller thawing cabinet, suitable for retail, industrial kitchens and hotels. Loading capacity up to 30 kg per cycle.

Thawing cabinet suitable for wholesale and industrial users. Loading capacity up to 1 ton per cycle.

Advantages over other solutions

Thaw quicker and more energy-efficient with Coolnova, thereby reducing your CO2-footprint and increasing your production rate.

Faster thawing & chilling

Thaw a 30-50kg fish block in 3-4 hours, fillets 1 hour. 20-30% faster chilling than air blast.

Low energy consumption

The mist is created directly from cold water without the use of boiling. Minimize energy usage.

Low water usage

Much less water usage and sewage discharge compared to all other water-based thawing solutions.


Restore the fresh-like quality and capacities of your raw material

Quick thawing is just as important to prevent ice crystallization ad cell bursts as quick freezing of your raw material.

Increase yield to 100 percent without drip loss and wastage.

Secure all-year production of seasonal raw material.

Curious to know more about benefits and the technology?

Avoid drip loss

Avoid drip loss with the food in direct contact with the fine Coolnova mist. Ensures that your products vitamins, proteins and minerals are kept inside the food.

Improved quality

Restore your quality with Coolnova. Thawing with Coolnova ensures that your products smell, taste and texture are intact.

  • Texture
  • Taste
  • Smell

The fresh quality protected all the way from harvest to consumer

Production will benefit from increased flexibility with frozen storage, longer shelf-life and more fresh-like quality.

Consumers will be happy and satisfied knowing their product is of high quality and has lowered CO2-footprint.

Global Delivery

Coolnova can deliver its thawing cabinets world-wide as plug and play units. The company provides remote support enabling you to become a supplier of the highestquality refreshed seafood on demand.