Protects freshness

Climate chambers thaws frozen foods quicly in a tempered fog without drip-loss of valuable proteins and vitamins. 100 percent recovery of fresh taste.

Things to know

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Thawing and demonstration are available from Tromsø.

Global delivery

Global delivery of thawing chambers, plug and play with remote support and you are a supplier of fresh food quality all year around!

Business opportunities

Coolnova® solution for just-in-time supply of fresh quality food year around

Scientific evidence

“A sushi chef has to spot the best-quality fresh fish instantly. ”  


Coolnova co-founder dr. Torbjørn Trondsen answers your questions obout other business opportunities Coolnova offers  you.

Low energy consumption

The mist is created directly from cold water without the use of boiling, with only 2-5 percentage of the normal energy usage.

Faster chilling

20-30 percent faster than chilling and freezing in air blast

Faster thawing time

Significantly faster thawing time compared to air and water solutions. Thin fillets are thawed in 50 minutes and 50 kg fish blocks are thawed in 4-5 hours

Less water


Significantly lower water footprint compared to the use of water in high-pressure nozzle thawing-systems.