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Most frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, the original fresh quality of the meat is preserved from fresh-frozen fish and meat if it is quick-frozen and stored in cold storage for less than 3-6 months, followed by rapid Coolnova thawing. Otherwise, slow freezing and slow thawing and prolonged freezing will cause the growth of ice crystals in the meat. This releases enzymes that destroy bonds in the protein structure, resulting in drip loss and the risk of fat rancidity.

The rapid thawing process is made possible by applying energy through a mist with nano/micro-sized droplets. This maximizes the transfer of thawing energy to the product.

Coolnova can recover 100 percent of fresh meat quality from fresh frozen raw- material. Thaw cabinets from Coolnova can be used to manage supply logistics according to market needs and prices.

The supply of fresh fish and meat is often seasonal – especially for wild species. Prices therefore tend to be pushed down in high seasons and up in low seasons.

By using Coolnova cabinets, all production stages in a distribution chain can contribute to an optimal product flow of fresh quality fish and meat products according to market demand based on optimal utilization of labour and production capacity.

  1. Fishermen and farmerscan freeze and storage seasonal catches for later thawing and sales as fresh quality fish according to the market’s highest paid demand.
  2. Producers can alternatively sort, freeze and store seasonal raw materials for later thawing and processing in the low season. They can also produce semi-finished products such as fillets, steaks and the like immediately after slaughter for freezing and later thawing, packaging and sale. With this, they can manage the supply chain through binding sales contracts throughout the year – regardless of the fishing season, directly to customers closer to end users with fewer intermediaries.
  3. Wholesalers and supermarketscan also benefit from buying frozen semi-finished products directly from primary producers for storage, thawing and distribution to end customers of fresh consumer-ready products throughout the year as needed.

Processing of processed fish and meat products depends on raw materials with a high binding capacity. In fresh ingredients, we find this in the liquid phase where water-soluble proteins are dissolved – in Norway also called the glue water. Frozen fish and meat that have undergone a slow thawing process lose large parts of this glue water. Frozen raw materials are therefore difficult to use without the addition of chemicals thatare binding the protein mass together.

In the production of surimi and surimi-based products, all water-soluble proteins and enzymes are washed out of the fish mince. To ensure long-term stability, sugar and phosphates are normally added. Thus, a third of the most valuable proteins and vitamins are lost.

Coolnova believes that more healthy low calorie fish mince products -produced directly from frozen whole fish and thawed with the Coolnova method, to a much greater extent can be produced to fish food products – such as fish cakes, buns, crab sticks etc. Do you want to try?

Ask the supplier what methods he uses for thawing frozen meat and fish.

The traditional thawing method is in water. It is a very slow method which sometimes over 24 hours allows ice crystals to grow and activate enzyme damage the fish proteins causing rancidity and loss of stick water with valuable soluble proteins – about 3-5 percent of the weight. Very often chemicals are added to prevent drip loss.