We put it to the test

Expert test of refreshed salmon for top chefs in Paris

Test panel

A taste test panel was organized by the seafood wholesaler company Armara in the restaurant L’Olivier at the Rungis fish market in Paris. The test panel was composed of six well-known chefs from Armara’s list of costumers, that are among the best restaurants in Paris, and three other experts in seafood quality assessment.


The fresh quality of the Coolnova® refreshed fresh frozen seafood was considered superior compared to the fresh chilled fish that had been stored up to seven days on ice (see table).

The test samples were salmon fillets (previous vacuum-packed prior to freezing) and cod loins defrosted and unpacked in a Coolnova® chamber. The Coolnova® samples were compared with similar fresh unfrozen fillets that are normally available in the Rungis market.

On a scale of 1 to 5, the test panels gave the Coolnova® thawed fresh frozen an average overall impression score of 3.72 for salmon, compared to the fresh unfrozen chilled salmon average score of 3.39. For cod, the overall average score was 3.89 for Coolnova® compared to fresh unfrozen chilled cod score of 3.28. The fresh frozen and Coolnova® thawed fish was considered superior to that of fresh (unfrozen) fish that had been stored up to seven days on ice.


Armara’s commercial experience with Coolnova® refreshing

2013-2015: Operated an 800 l chamber for Cod, Langoustine, Sole ++ for top restaurants in Paris.
2015: Expands production by installing a new 3000 l chamber. Focus of cod loins and langoustine for restaurants.


Demonstration and test during an early stage of the development of the Coolnova thawing cabinet in 2013.

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