About us

Coolnova was born 25 years ago in a research project involving master students and their marketing professor Torbjørn Trondsen. They asked why the Norwegian fish processors were exporting so much frozen seafood when the consumers’ willingness to pay was much higher for super-fresh seafood quality. The answer was found in the seasonal and technology that constrained a steady flow of fresh seafood of many species to be supplied steadily all year around. 

This recognition led to the search for a refreshing value-chain solution where the food should be quickly frozen at harvest, stored deep frozen and refreshed just in time for consumption.The group identified the thawing technology in the bakery industry that was adapted with remarkable refreshing results into the Coolnova refreshing solution, accepted for a European patent for thawing seafood, meat, and vegetable. Still, it took many years for Professor Torbjørn Trondsen, together with his manufacturing partner Dinas Kavaliauskas, to develop the final versions of the Coolnova cabinets, which are now ready for commercial users in processing and distributions who are motivated to upgrade their seafood supply chain into refreshed first-class seafood year around.