Scientifical information

Dave Loeva et al 2015:  

Wasted seafood in the United States: Quantifying loss from production to consumption and moving toward solutions. 

The U.S -specific estimate of seafood loss for the years 2009- 2013. 

  • 40- 47% of the edible U.S. seafood supply went uneaten in this period 
  • 51 – 63% of the loss at the levels of consumers (in and out of home) 
  • 16-32% of the loss as catch discarded by commercial fishers 
  • 13-16% of the loss at the distribution and retail operations

New research shows how this can be done safely 

Of the 88 million tonnes of food that currently leave the food supply chain as waste, a minimum of 14 million tonnes of surplus food could become available for non-ruminant feed if we were to change legislation to allow the feeding of such surplus once it has been treated to ensure safety. 
Globally, we lose 110 billion pounds of seafoods. Considering the US Department of Agriculture recommends that the average person consume at least 1.7 ounces of protein per day, this lost seafood is enough to feed more than 2.7 million people for an entire year.20. jan. 2021