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Thawing chamber

Coolnova thaws frozen foods quickly in a mist of microscopic water droplets.

Fast thawing is just as important for food quality as quick freezing.

Thawing and cooling of meat, seafood and vegetables in a temperature-controlled climate chamber in a 95% relative humidity. European patent 2 614 729 A1.


Protects the original fresh quality, taste, smell and appearance of foods.

Prevent discoloration and oxidation, as well as cell degradation, crystallization and protein denaturation otherwise caused by slow thawing and freezing

Recovers 100 percent of the original live weight after thawing as compared to the minimum 3-5 percent drip-loss in traditional methods.

Removes the need for expensive packaging and water binding chemicals

Offer natural fresh quality every day regardless of location or season.



Faster thawing time

Significantly faster thawing time compared to air and water solutions. Thin fillets are thawed in 50 minutes and 50 kg fish blocks are thawed in 4-5 hours


Less water

Significantly lower water footprint compared to the use of water in high-pressure nozzle thawing-systems.


Faster chilling

20-30 percent faster than chilling and freezing in air blast


Low energy consumption

The mist is created directly from cold water without the use of boiling, with only 2-5 percentage of the normal energy usage.



New designed chamber series 2020

Smart climate chambers for use in restaurants, supermarkets and processing industry that can load up to several tons according to customer specifications. Optimized climate of temperature, humidity and fan control. Average thawing time is one to five hours depending on the thickness of the product


Individual solutions can be tailored to your existing production lines.